Internet – A 21st Century Nightmare!


While you all enjoy using internet as your day to day need, do you know it can become nightmare as quickly as you think which ice-cream to pick. Your 1 wrong Click can take you somewhere where you never want to be. In 21st century, our life is surrounded by tech gadgets and accept it or not, you can’t live without them. It can be anything from your cell phone to your smart watch, or your smart TV, or your home security wireless camera.

Every year number of Cyber Attacks are increasing and if you don’t take precautions, if you don’t have enough defensive protection against these threats, you will be one of the victims.  So lets talk about Cyber Security! Oh I am sorry, did I just said Cyber-Security? Yes I did. Have you ever considered checking if you have marked your checklist for Cyber Protection? Sounds weird eh? Yes , lets list a few devices which you must have set up properly:

  • First of all, your HOME INTERNET MODEMS/ROUTERS*
  • Wireless Access Points aka Wi-Fi Settings
  • DNS filtering
  • VoIP devices Security
  • Laptop / Desktop Security
  • Your long time collected Personal Storage*
  • Business or School Important Documents*
  • Smart TV or other appliances
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Wireless Security Cameras
  • Antiviruses for Computers
  • Your Online Activity protection *
  • Financial Accounts protection
  • Social Networking Protection
  • VPNs
  • Home Office
  • And Many More………

Now take a break and mark few of them which you are 99% if not 100% sure that you have secured. If your answer is not sure, then you need an Information Technology expert to guide you. But be careful, choosing just any IT guy may further jeopardize your information and security. So choose someone with Cyber-Security background, who can guide you through.

Let our team help you protect your Cyber World. Let us help you. Contact us for IT Security solutions. Contact us via any below channel and we can start working on your security asap:


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